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giving their side of the story about the arrest of mc hammer. the alameda county sheriff says the car hammer was in had expired tags and belonged to another person. hammer reportedly reacted angrily to a request for proof of ownership an refused to get out of the car. he was arrested thursday in dublin for obstructing a police officer. the rapper says he was racially profiled. investigators say they have several new tips about the prime suspect in the las vegas strip shooting. police are looking for 26-year- old amar harris saying he shot and killed kenneth cherry an oakland native. ever since harris was identified as the prime suspect two days ago, tips have been pouring in. police found his range rover over the weekend. 4:32. investigators have released a sketch of a man wanted for one robbery attempt in downtown palo alto. police say this man is wanted for trying to rob a man friday night at a parking garage on webster street. the victim says the suspect
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rode up on a bike, pulled out a gun demanding money. the victim tried to grab the gun. they fought and separated. it might be related to three similar robberies in recent weeks. in other bay area headlines on this monday morning, a search is on for a man who police say shot up a building with an ak-47 last night on mcallister street. police say 42-year-old kareem benton got into an argument with another man and opened fire. the victim was hit in the leg but is expected to survive. benton, by the way, from sacramento and police say he is armed and dangerous. san francisco police officers on patrol were the first to spot the smoke coming from an apartment building near the civic center yesterday afternoon. they started banging on doors to get people out. 10 people were displaced but nobody was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. and a funeral service is planned today in salinas for 10-
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month-old angel negron. she was found dead off highway 183 just outside the city limits on tuesday. the boyfriend of the girl's mother was later arrested. state senator jerry hill has a news conference planned today to introduce a bill related to the san bruno gas explosion. he's it's in response to the public utilities commission to abruptly suspend public hearings last year. those hearings were to determine how much pg&e would be fined for the deadly explosion and fire. everyone was watching the oscars last night. >> i was busy coming back from salinas visiting family down there. what a beautiful weekend. a little breezy on saturday, sunday was very nice. today a nice day although we have seen a couple of patches of fog along the coastline, high clouds overhead. some 30s and 40s outside right now if you are stepping out there. a little chilly in the valleys but not too bad. throughout the day you have this weak system sliding to the
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north. you can see most of the energy again bringing some showers up in that direction. we are going to catch the trailing edged of it so a few high clouds across the skies and passing clouds at the coastline, as well. with that in mind, the temperatures today should be fairly comfortable. 65 degrees in fairfield. about 64 in concord. should be about 65 degrees in santa rosa. at the beach a little breezier today 58 degrees in pacifica and 60 in san francisco. more on your weather in just a few minutes. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> at the bay bridge, thank you, lawrence, here's a live look right now traffic heading into san francisco. a shorter line in the cash lanes at 4:30. just an early-morning wait but right now good to go no wait across the upper deck and no roadwork. traveling the nimitz, there is overnight roadwork, closing the left lanes on southbound 880 between 23rd and high street. more roadwork on southbound 880
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between davis and marina as you make your way into san leandro. should wrap up between 5 and 6 this morning. more overnight roadwork out of livermore. eastbound lanes of 580 approaching north greenville road, various lanes blocked. they are saying until 11:00 this morning. in the meantime in the commute direction it's still free and clear out of tracy towards the dublin interchange. here's another live look at the golden gate bridge. they haven't started the lane changes yet. a few headlights coming into san francisco. so far no delay all the way through marin county. and a quick check on bart which just started operating this morning. all trains are on time. back to you. >> thank you. anyone who droves here in the bay area knows that gas prices are high now but there may soon be some relief. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran in emeryville to explain.
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>> reporter: this is according to the survey that came out yesterday. i'm sure drivers could say we want the relief and it can't come soon enough. prices here for a gallon of regular are $4.23. again, the survey says drivers could see relief sometime at the pump soon. the survey has been tracking gas prices and found they have jumped 20 cents over the last two weeks. and prices spiked 54 cents over 9 weeks. experts say the speed of the spike is starting to slow down and we could see them drop. locally according to aaa prices for a gallon of regular in san francisco right now $4.25, oakland $4.17 and in san jose $4.18 for a gallon of regular. now, the study's authors say this drop or potential drop in prices could be attributed to the drop in crude oil prices. live in emeryville, cate caugiran, kpix 5. san jose has not maintained
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city streets well in recent years because of budget problems but that could change over the next few years. the city council will look at what can be done during its meeting a week from tomorrow. a "mercury news" report says street conditions are okay now but would badly deteriorate by 2020 if maintenance isn't accepted up. fund -- if maintenance isn't stepped up. funding could be considered next year. after tunneling the big dig is done. two new mile-long tunnels in san mateo county are having final safety tests this month. it will divert a treacherous 1.2-mile stretch of the pacific coast highway. it's dubbed devil's slide and it frequently erodes and collapses especially after heavy rain. >> some of the best views in america there, though. >> yeah. 4:38. coming up another pistorius family member is facing murder charges, as well. >> plus, doomsday deadline
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rapidly approaching on capitol hill. how the butting heads over automatic spending cuts could affect us all. >> hollywood's biggest night. we have the winners from the academy awards last night right after the break.
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and the oscar goes to -- "argo"! [ applause and cheers ] >> congratulations! >> there you go. first lady michelle obama announcing the best picture academy award last night during a remote appearance from washington, d.c. "argo" was directed by ben affleck who also starred in the film. he gave a touching speech. >> he was great. >> here are the winners of the other major awards. daniel day-lewis, best actor for the title role in lincoln, jennifer lawrence for silver linings playbook, supporting actor for django unchanged and
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anne hathaway supporting actress for lay messes and ang lee for "life of pi." >> looks wonderful. oscar gala of a different kind in san francisco last night. 33rd annual academy of friends is a fundraiser for selected bay area hiv aids service agencies. this year's theme, boa's, bowties and bubbly. the cause about community awareness of and financial support for those afflicted with hiv. >> we change beneficiaries every year so we have six this year. we have had as many as 15 when we have had really big years. and we look forward to supporting many of the agencies that do fine work around the city and around the area. >> this year's event included a silent auction, food, champagne, oscar viewing party and entertainment. the academy says it's committed to continuing its work until
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aids has passed. 4:42 right now. let's check the weather. gorgeous weekend. >> what a weekend. >> lovely weekend. we had the winds yesterday. today clouds and patchy fog at the coastline. a few high clouds beginning to move in. chilly in the valleys, 30s and 40s early on today. by the afternoon, maybe a little breezy at the coastline. so we'll keep things a little cool there. highs there only in the 50s. inside the bay sunshine and a few passing high clouds and 60s and maybe some mid-60s with mild temperatures further inland. it looks like that ridge of high pressure is brought sunshine breaking down a little bit. you can see this weak system sliding into the bay area most of the energy up into the pacific northwest. we'll see a few trailing clouds out of that system. that's about it. i think otherwise than the few clouds, that's the way it's going to stay over the next five to seven days. around the state, 65 fresno, rain in eureka with a passing cold front, 37 degrees partly cloudy skies in lake tahoe and
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54 yosemite. around the bay today we'll see some sunshine and in the afternoon looking at mid-60s there in san jose. 65 campbell, 58 breezy half moon bay, 62 hayward. east bay temperatures up in the mid-60s in many spots. and then you will see lots of sunshine inside the bay. this afternoon temperature of 63 degrees in oakland. 65 in santa rosa and about 60 in san francisco. next couple of days we have plenty of sunshine on the way maybe a little warmer but i think more significant warming into thursday and friday, 70s before we start to cool down. cloudy on the weekend. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> even more reason to look forward to friday. good-looking forecast. thanks, lawrence. outside right now, if you are getting off to work this morning, so far things are quiet across the san mateo bridge. westbound and eastbound 92 moving fine all the way across the high-rise and coming into the east bay. it's 14 minutes out of foster city heading towards hayward. elsewhere here is a live look
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towards the dublin interchange. westbound at the limit. no major roadwork westbound. eastbound approaching north greenville various lanes blocked again until 11:00 this morning. let's go to our maps and you will notice that drive time once again 18 minutes in the clear coming out of tracy through the altamont pass all the way towards 680. no big delay. no major brake lights yet. highway 4 looking good as you make your way into antioch all the way towards the pittsburg- bay point area. those are usually our first spots to back up. so far they are in the clear on both directions. elsewhere here's a live look for the silicon valley drive westbound 237 making your way westbound and eastbound from milpitas is quiet. no major roadwork through san jose up the guadalupe parkway 101 and 280, live drive time sensors speeds at the limit. mass transit no delay so far
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for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. this morning, kansas is getting the worst of the weather dumped a lot of snow on denver yesterday, as well. there are blizzard warnings and watches as the second major winter storm in less than a week hits the central plains states. they could get another foot of snow on top of the foot that fell in some areas last week. people are being told to stay off the roads. a cardinal in great britain is resigning as archbishop in the face of misconduct allegations. cardinal keith o'brien says he will fight claims made in a british newspaper. it said three priests and a former priest have complained to the vatican alleging that o'brien acted inappropriately towards them. o'brien plans to skip the conclave to elected a new pope and that conclave will start soon. today pope benedict issued changes in the rules to get around the usual 15-day delay. pope benedict has now given his final sunday address to a
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multitude of worshippers. the 85-year-old pope blessed tens of thousands from his apartment overlooking st. peter's square. he said he plans to spend his final years in prayer. and as he steps down on thursday, he will be the first pope to do so in 600 years. >> i had some tears dropping from my eyes. >> it's special. >> italian media reports that the pope decided to resign after learning that a secret group of gay priests was being blackmailed. the church calls the reports defamatory and false and an attempt to influence the election of the next pontiff. olympic sprinter oscar pistorius is not the only person in his family facing a murder trial. it's now revealed his older brother is also accused of killing someone. carl pistorius is charged with homicide for driving recklessly and crashing into a woman on a motorcycle in 2010. he goes on trial at the end of
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march. oscar pistorius is charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend. 4:47 now. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in england today kicking off his first overseas trypsins taking the job. his talks with the bridge prime minister david camera are expecting to focus on syria and iran. later he will see the foreign secretary before flying to germany for meetings in berlin. the 11 day trip will take him to nine european countries. hamid karzai ordered u.s. special forces out of war dack an important province in the eastern part of the country stemming from allegations that afghans working with u.s. troops will be abusing afghan citizens. so far though nato has found no evidence of misconduct by american special forces. in cuba raoul castro accepted a new term but says it will be the last term. 81-year-old castro announced yesterday he will step down
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from power in cuba in 2018. he named miguel diaz kannell add his lieutenant and possible successor. he led cuba since 2006 when he replaced his brother fidel castro who ruled cuba since 1959. the stalemate between president obama and congressional republicans has come to a deadline friday when automatic spending cuts go into effect. susan mcginnis tells us about the cuts. >> welcome. reporter: president obama hosted the governors at the white house last night. he did not specifically mention the sequestration deadline but he did ask leaders from both parties to work together. >> while nobody in this room sees eye to eye on everything, we know that when we work together, democrats and republicans, north, south, east and west, we can accomplish so much more than we can on our own. >> on sunday's "face the nation," two governors,
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democrat martin o'malley of maryland and republican bob mcdonnell of virginia, urged congress to avert sequestration. >> for whatever our differences might be, we understand that this is an economic threat. >> the sequester was put in place to be a hammer, not a policy. and now here we are just a week away from getting it done. >> reporter: but lawmakers can't seem to agree on how to avoid the cuts. republicans are pushing back against any plan that includes tax increases. in terms of the democrats' plan, it seems like the first thing they come up with is we are going to raise taxes after having increased revenue if you recall in january $600 billion over the next 10 years without any spending cuts. >> reporter: half of the sequestration cuts will impact the military. they could result in longer deployments for troops in afghanistan. the white house is warning the reductions will impact federal agencies resulting in flight delays and fewer food inspections. and education secretary arne duncan says up to 40,000 teachers could be let go. >> we don't have any ability
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with dumb cuts like this to figure out the right thing to do. it just means a lot more children will not get the kinds of services and opportunities they need. >> reporter: the president is expected to address the sequestration issue in another speech today before the nation's governors. in. what, susan mcginnis, cbs -- in washington, susan mcginnis. here's the potential effects in california. federal fending for education would be cut by more than $87 million with an additional $63 million in cuts to programs for kids with disabilities. justice assistant grants for crime prevention would be cut by 1.6 million. and there would also be less federal fending for public health and job search assistance program. the 39th president in the bay area talking peace, politics and even the movies. still going strong. 88, former president jimmy carter addressing the commonwealth club in san francisco. he criticized u.s. policy towards cuba, north korea and the middle east.
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as for nuclear threats carter told the crowd he prefers a path of negotiation rather than confrontation. not criticizing my country, which i think is the best nation on earth and i'm very proud to have served it as its leader, but i'm pointing out to you that in this time of assessment, we need to look at what other possibilities for improving. >> former president also endorsed the movie "argo" saying he hoped it would win best picture and guess what, it did. >> so he is happy. time now 4:52. are you prepared? how many people have emergency savings on standby? >> plus, talk about painting the town red. the hour-long food fight created a mess in miami. >> and out of this world. nasa unveils new images of mercury in stunning detail.
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the allergy forecast today moderate amounts whipping up pollen around the bay area. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. >> and checking your bridges and some other roads around the bay area, monday morning back to work, we know how it feels. so far things are moving fine though across the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge and that's the look at the milpitas drive 880/237. we'll have more traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on kpix 5. here's a side of mercury you probably have they have seen in living color. this is what the closest planet to the sun would look like to the naked eye. instead, nasa scientists say it's a composite of many maps and illustrates the many different chemicals an minerals that make up the hottest planet in our solar system. beautiful. this week we'll get clues about how the federal reserve
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feels the economy is doing. fed chairman ben bernanke goes to capitol hill tomorrow and wednesday to address lawmakers. his comments come a week after wall street learns some policymakers believe the feds should slow the pace of stimulus to keep inflation in check. if your bank account is smaller than your credit card bills you're not alone. a new survey finds 55% of americans have more emergency savings than credit card debt. a survey by also finds that consumers overall feelings about their job security, savings and debt declined from january to february. a juicy war has people seeing red in miami. >> i guess. 25,000 tomatoes flew through the air at the fight festival. 1,000 people threw fruit at someone else. it's based on a traditional festival in spain since 1957. saturday's tomato fight there was a safety zone for people
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who did not want to get hit. it wasn't that guy. >> right. we need to get something look this in san francisco. >> it would be good. yeah. just make a bunch of sauce afterwards. >> love it. it is 4:57. some trade talk. could 49ers' alex smith be on the way out. pain at the pump. gas prices jump again. any relief in sight? >> a search continues for a family lost at sea. what coast guard officials say they were told during the distress cal. -- distress call.
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>> >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald the search continues this morning for a family lost at sea. but coast guard officials say they heard -- what coast guard officials say they heard during the distress call. >> more pain at the pump. what could halt rising gas prices? >> more clouds around the bay area this morning but we could
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see a lot of sunshine, maybe some 70s by the end of the week. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have a live look for you this morning at traffic conditions on 101 in san jose. we'll also take a look next at bay area bridges. good morning, everyone. it's monday, february 25. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 on the nose now. two adults and two children feared missing off the central california coast this morning. the big mystery is where to look for them. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is on yerba buena island with the latest on the coast guard search. >> reporter: good morning. coast guard crews have been searching throughout the night using both aircraft and boats to try and find this family. they made a distress call yesterday around 4:20 in the afternoon about 65 miles off pillar upon the harbor in half moon bay. four people who we have learned are husband, wife, their 4-year- old son and a cousin under 8 years old were in a sailboat
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that started sinking. they said it was taking in water and electronics were failing. about an hour later they abandoned ship. they didn't have liferafts so we are were trying to make one out of a cooler and life preserver ring. we don't know who they are or where they come from. they are focusing their efforts in the search near the monterey coast. elissa harrington, kpix 5. fears are growing about a bay area couple on a south american adventure. one month ago today jamie neal and her boyfriend garrett hand posted pictures on their facebook. they were on a bus ride in peru last word. there are flyers showing the missing couple and offering a reward. >> we are trying to contact people traveling in south america so that they can also get the flyers out to local people. >> the couple left the bay area in early december for their

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